Undergraduate Catalog


Western Illinois University has developed a program designed to help students complete their undergraduate degree in four years or less. The University is committed to helping students graduate in a timely fashion and has developed GradTrac to enable them to achieve this goal. GradTrac utilizes WIU’s automated degree audit so students and advisors keep current on degree progress. GradTrac is not a graduation requirement or an academic regulation. Regularly admitted freshmen may choose to participate in the GradTrac program. Participation in GradTrac requires significant initiative during a student’s years at WIU.

Specifically, students must:

  • Enter the University as a regularly admitted student with appropriate academic preparation to begin GradTrac;
  • Enroll in GradTrac and declare an interest in a major that qualifies for the program;
  • Take responsibility for meeting the deadlines and requirements of GradTrac and regularly monitor their progress toward graduation. Such monitoring includes timely meetings with an academic advisor at least once each semester prior to each registration;
  • Take responsibility for making and keeping required appointments and advisement sessions;
  • Consult with an advisor before dropping or adding a class;
  • Accept any available class section that fits their schedule and register for classes at their assigned registration time. The following encumbrances can prevent a student from registering on time: financial, immunization, administrative, housing, judicial, and athletic. Be sure these encumbrances are taken care of prior to advance registration;
  • Meet all the academic requirements of their major, minor (when applicable), college, and the University;
  • Accept responsibility for timely annual application for all necessary financial assistance; and
  • Complete the applicable credits for their degree program each year as set out in their GradTrac degree plan (approximately 30 semester credit hours each year).

If a student changes majors and can still complete all remaining requirements within the time specified by the GradTrac agreement, the agreement remains valid. Appropriate signatures must be secured from the advisor and chair of the new major.

Students may enroll in an additional major or minor or in programs leading to additional licensing and certification, if they can complete all of these requirements within the time specified by the GradTrac agreement. Students must consult with their academic advisor in a timely manner in order to accomplish these changes or additions.

Transfer and Summer credits may count toward GradTrac requirements, but the academic terms in which these credits are earned will not be counted as part of the GradTrac agreement.

If, after working with an academic advisor, it appears that graduation may be delayed due to the unavailability of a course, a student must obtain the requisite form from the advisor and file it with that advisor no later than two working days after the end of the published advanced registration period. The form will be forwarded to the department chair and college dean as necessary.

If a student meets all the conditions of the degree plan but is unable to graduate due to the unavailability of a course, the University will offer one of the following options:

  • Allow the student to graduate in the prescribed number of semesters by substituting a different course or an appropriate independent study assignment, as determined by the department and the college offering the major.
  • Allow the student to graduate in the prescribed number of semesters by waiving the requirement to be met by the unavailable course, as determined by the department and college offering the major.
  • If the college or department is unable to effect a waiver or substitution that will allow the student to graduate in the prescribed number of semesters, the University will waive the tuition for the course or courses still needed, if taken at Western Illinois University.

Majors Participating in GradTrac*

Broadcasting and Journalism
Business Analytics
Clinical Laboratory Science
Computer Science
Construction and Facilities Management
Economics—Bachelor of Arts
Economics—Bachelor of Business
Educational Studies
Emergency Management
Fire Protection Services
Foreign Languages and Cultures
Geographic Information Science
Health Services Management
Human Resource Management
Information Systems
Law Enforcement and Justice Administration
Liberal Arts and Sciences
Music—Applied Music
Nutrition and Dietetics
Nutrition and Foodservice Management
Political Science
Public Health
Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration
Social Work
Speech Pathology and Audiology
Supply Chain Management

* Due to additional course requirements, some Teacher Education programs are not included in GradTrac. Students should consult with their academic advisor.