Center for Innovation in Teaching and Research

About CITR


The mission of the Center for Innovation in Teaching & Research at WIU is to provide the university community with opportunities and resources for their professional and personal enrichment. This office will acknowledge, recognize, and champion faculty in all their roles.


  • Facilitate the development of outstanding faculty, staff, and administrators who are enabled in their efforts/commitment to providing superior instruction, conduct research, and service.
  • Facilitate the development of faculty and administrators who are proactive in managing/responding to changing external and internal circumstances, including university, state, national, and international priorities.
  • Provide professional development opportunities to faculty, staff, and administrators designed to enrich the educational experience of the students of Western Illinois University. This includes enhancements in areas such as technology, pedagogy, research, and teaching.
  • Strengthen community at the University and encourage productive collaborative relationships among all participants.

Needs Assessment

The Center for Innovation in Technology and Research routinely performs a needs assessment to help focus program offerings. CITR would like to extend its gratitude to the CITR Advisory Board and the WIU administration for its continued support.

2021 Needs Assessment Survey Results

View the archived Survey Results on Google Drive.