Center for Innovation in Teaching and Research

Request a Service

Online Course Copy Request

Please complete the Online Course Copy Request form to request that all content from a course not developed or previously taught by you be copied int your course area on Western Online. All required information must be provided. 

Our office will not copy content from your own course or development sandbox to your new course area. All instructors are able to copy within their own courses without the need for administrative access. Steps for this process are located at If you need training on how to complete a course copy you can request a training consult by emailing  or calling 309.298.2434.

Online Course Shell Creation

Complete the Online Course Shell Creation Form to request the creation of a new course shell in Western Online. You will not be able to submit the form if there is missing information. You must submit a new request for each new course shell you want to have created. 

Please note course shell creation is limited to purposes that have not and will not be assigned a STAR number, and are not synced through the STARS/Registration System. 

Course Reset Request

Complete the Course Reset Request Form to request a course for which you are the instructor in Western Online be erased. Note: All information will be erased and we are unable to bring it back.  Be sure this is what you want before completing this request. 

General Service Request

If your request does not fall under the options listed above, please submit your request by emailing directly. Explain your issue clearly in the body of the email and include any pertinent information such as the tool being used, course name, section number, star number, etc.