Recreation, Park, Tourism, and Hospitality

RPTH Advisory Board

RPTH engages in regular conversations with industry leaders and alumni to ensure its programs are preparing students for their chosen professions. RPTH advisory board members are leaders in their industries who are tasked with the following duties: 

  • to assist RPTH faculty in reviewing and updating its curriculum when needed;
  • to guide RPTH in identifying and soliciting internship opportunities for students;
  • to update RPTH faculty on industry best practices and trends; and,
  • to aid RPTH in recruiting and mentoring students. 

 Advisory board members fulfill these duties by regularly corresponding with faculty and/or the department chair. They also assist in recruiting and mentoring students by sharing positive information about WIU and RPTH through their professional services. 


  • Matt Cerone, Marketing Manager - ARCO/Murray
  • Tracey Crawford, Executive Director - Northwest Special Recreation Association
  • Scott Crowe, Executive Director - Huntley Park District
  • Abby Gamsu, Project Manager - NetSuite
  • Maureen Gilbert, Coordinator - DRES - University of Illinois
  • Keith Jacobs, President - Experiential Systems, Inc.
  • George Johnson, President/CEO - Johnson Development Company, LLC
  • Cody Kamp, Public Recreational Operations Manager - Millennium Park 
  • David King, Executive Director Prairie Hills Resource Conservation & Development
  • Joan Kranovich, Vice President of Business Growth & Director of Sports QC- Visit Quad Cities 
  • Ken Kutska, Executive Director - International Playground Safety Institution, LLC
  • Rachel Lenz, Executive Director - Macomb Park District
  • Brian Meyer, Director of Recreation and Facilities - Arlington Heights Park District
  • Tom Miller, Director of Sommer Park - Peoria Park District
  • Kathy Morse, Recreation Therapist - Leisure for Consulting
  • Cayla Nord, Corporate Engagement Manager - United Way of Central Iowa 
  • Emily Randell, NSA Bahrain MWR Aqautics Manager - US Navy
  • Joe Roselieb, Director, Executive Director of Auxilary Services and Risk Management - Western Illinois University
  • Karl Schmidt, Operations Manager - SeaWorld Abu Dhabi
  • Kristin Terry, Marketing Director - City of Macomb & Macomb Downtown Development
  • Chuck Thomas, Conference and Outreach Manager - North Carolina State University 
  • Adrianna Tuszynski, Recreational Therapist - Liberty Health Care at the IDHS Treatment and Detention Facility
  • Lisa Ward, Owner - Magnolias
  • Nick White, Associate Director of Programs - Texas A&M University Corpus-Christi