Recreation, Park, Tourism, and Hospitality

RPTA Graduate Program - Academic Requirements

The curriculum consists of a minimum of 30 semester hours. This includes 12 semester hours of core requirements focusing on concepts and competencies in areas of research and administration of leisure services.

CORE COURSES (12 sh) - Required

  • RPTA 515: Leisure Services Ethics (3)
  • RPTA 522: Planning in Leisure Service Industries (3)
  • RPTA 526: Fiscal Management in Leisure Services (3)
  • RPTA 599: Experience Studies in Leisure Services (3)

DIRECTED ELECTIVES (12 sh) – Chosen by student and approved by Graduate Committee

With guidance from their graduate committee, students will choose 12 semester hours of directed electives. The program is customizable to meet individual student’s needs; however, students do tend to select courses based on common professional goals.

EXIT OPTIONS (6 sh) - Chosen by student and approved by Graduate Committee

The final six hours of the program consist of the exit option requirement which may take the form of the Thesis, Graduate Research Project, or Professional Internship.

  • RPTA 601: Thesis (6)
  • RPTA 602: Graduate Research Project (6)
  • RPTA 603: Professional Internship (6)

Each of the available options is designed to consolidate, enhance, and advance academic elements of the curriculum through direct application of the knowledge and skill sets acquired throughout the course of study. Three exit options are made available so that students may select the experience that best meets their professional and academic goals.

A full list of graduate courses available in the department can be found in the Graduate Studies Catalog.