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Horn Field Campus - Programs

Horn Field Campus offers a wide array of programs and will work with individuals and agencies to develop programs to meet specific needs. For more information about HFC programs, please contact us at

High Ropes Course

The high ropes course is an experience in which individuals are challenged to solve a series of rope and cable elements suspended 40-feet above the ground. The elements are designed to improve initiative, motivation, problem-solving skills, risk-taking ability, and especially self-confidence. These elements are safely negotiated by using climbing equipment which includes safety harnesses and helmets. Participants are encouraged to take risks that allow them to expand their comfort zones and learn more about themselves and their team members. Individuals determine their own level of participation. The high ropes course will give participants the challenge and thrill of a lifetime.

To guarantee preferred dates, call up to four months in advance. Registration is accepted two weeks in advance (subject to course and instructor availability). Open year-round.

High Ropes Course Fees: $15.00 per person | Minimum of 10 people


Climbing Tower

The climbing tower is a 40-foot vertical wood structure, with three sides for climbing, complete with rock like handholds, and one side for rappelling. One tower wall is slightly inclined for those new to the climbing experience. Harnesses, helmets and safety ropes are provided. Two or more facilitators assist with the tower.

Groups of both children and adults are welcome. Groups can enjoy a private visit with individual attention given to each participant. Group rates include use of harnesses, helmets and belay devices.

Climbing Tower Group Fees: $100 - 1-4 hours for groups up to 25 people.



Team Building

The Teams Course is a set of initiatives and activities that are presented to a group in a fun, safe, noncompetitive environment by a skilled facilitator. The facilitator first uses activities that allow the group members to feel more comfortable with each other. The group then builds trust among each other through trust initiatives. Problem solving initiatives are then presented to the group to allow them to work together and learn how to interact as a team. During this time, group discussions will take place to allow participants to examine what they have learned.

Teams Course programs can be tailored to fit the needs of groups of all ages and physical abilities. Programs can be 1 hour to 4 hours, depending on the time constraints and the goals of the group. There is a minimum of 10 participants needed to complete the Teams Course. Skills for life are what you and your group will learn. Hope to see you soon on the Horn Field Campus Teams Course!

Team Building Activities (1-3 Hours of Team Exercises): $10 per person
Teams Course (4 Hours of Team Exercises): $12 per person


Challenge Course

Groups are challenged to find creative ways to solve fun and exciting problems in an encouraging, noncompetitive environment. The adventure starts with a team course program which has a group emphasis and can culminate in a more individual experience on the high ropes course. Trained course instructors help get the action started and keep it moving, always with an eye on everyone’s safety.

Challenge Course Fees : $25.00 per person | Minimum of 10 people (All Day Event)