Recreation, Park, Tourism, and Hospitality

Recreation, Park, Tourism, and Hospitality Professional Development

RPTH’s mission is to provide dynamic, highly effective learning opportunities for personal and career development; to encourage and facilitate scholarly and creative activity; to enhance the quality of life throughout the State and beyond; and, to serve the leisure services profession, including those organizations involved in program and service delivery. 

RPTH meets its mission by integrating experiential learning and hands-on activities throughout its curriculum. No matter which option students complete, RPTH students will apply what they learn in the classroom through engagement with leisure service agencies. The integration of classroom and experiential learning  provides opportunities for students to gain knowledge and experiences that makes them more competitive when they enter the job market. 

Because RPTH is an accredited program, students who have completed specific courses are eligible to sit for several professional certifications. Our graduates are also able to gain valuable, real-world experience by working with agencies through fieldwork assignments, volunteering, and service learning. Opportunities for networking with alumni and professionals is provided through coursework, field trips, conferences, and mentorship opportunities. To cement their professional development, RPTH students gain real world experience through the completion of required internships that positively position them for employment in the leisure industries.