School of Music

Master of Music Therapy

The Master of Music Therapy - Curriculum


The Master of Music Therapy at Western Illinois University provides graduate students with advanced studies in clinical practice and research. Music therapy core courses provide a foundation of learning from which students can expand. The curriculum is designed with flexibility including repeatable courses with different topics of interest to students. This allows instructors to address breadth and depth of content based upon each cohort's needs. Elective and cognate courses allow students to further explore their own interests and expand their knowledge and skills. Music Therapy Faculty are excited to learn along with graduate music therapy students.

Music Therapy Core Courses (Required, 19 semester hours)

  • Foundations, Principles, and Theories of Music Therapy
  • Assessment, Measurement, and Evaluation in Music Therapy
  • Advanced Practice in Music Therapy
  • Clinical Practicum in Music Therapy
  • Research Methods
  • Thesis or Master's Project
  • Comprehensive Exam

Music Therapy Electives (Choose at least 4 semester hours)

  • Supervision and Teaching in Music Therapy
  • Clinical Supervision of Music Therapy
  • Treatment Contexts and Music Therapy (online)
  • Special Topics
  • Independent Study

Cognate Area and Additional Electives (11 semester hours)

  • At least 6 s.h. of coursework should be non-music therapy courses that support the student’s interests in advanced music study and/or clinical foundations.
  • Additional electives (5 s.h.) can be from cognate or music therapy course