Facilities Management

Safety Tips

  1. In using solvents and flammables make sure adequate ventilation is present.
  2. Defective tools can cause serious and painful injuries, if a tool is defective in some way, don't use it.
  3. With air, gasoline or electric power tools require skill and complete attention on the part of the user even when in they are in good condition. Don't use power tools when they are defective in any way.
  4. When using a portable arc welder do not fuel the machine while it is running.
  5. Abrasive wheels can cause severe injury. Proper storage of wheels, proper use of wheels and proper maintenance of wheels must be observed.
  6. Never use the grinder for jobs for which it is not designated, such as cutting.
  7. Use of bench grinders protect your eyes with goggles or a face shield at all times when grinding.
  8. When using a portable ladder it should be set at the proper angle of one foot (1')horizontal to every four feet (4') vertical.
  9. When using a portable ladder should protrude three feet (3') above intended landing point.
  10. Always face the ladder and use the three-points of contact rule.
  11. When using a cutting torch an adequate fire extinguisher must be present.
  12. When welding, cutting and burning always ensure adequate ventilation is supplied since hazardous fumes can be created during welding, cutting and burning.
  13. When welding, cutting and burning where other workers may also be exposed to the hazards created they must be protected by the use of screens.
  14. Always have a fire fighting or preventive equipment on hand before starting welding, cutting or burning.
  15. Check the work area and remove any combustible material and possible flammable vapors before starting work.
  16. Nylon slings must be used in a choker fashion when loading, off-loading or lifting propane tanks.
  17. Regulators are to be removed from the tank prior to any movement of the tank.
  18. When in use, propane bottles are to securely held in an upright position.
  19. Never work under a suspended load.
  20. One proper lifting practices estimate the center of gravity or point of balance. The lifting device should be positioned immediately above the estimated center of gravity.
  21. When fueling a chain saw must be done in a well ventilated area and not while the saw is running or hot.