Graduate Studies

Undergraduate Transfer Credit for International Classes

Undergraduate transfer students may earn transfer credit at Western Illinois University for classes taken at appropriately recognized institutions. Courses taken at schools outside the U.S. will be evaluated on a course by course basis. These courses will be designated as general elective (non-equivalent) courses until an evaluation of the coursework can be completed. (Graduate students with possible transfer credits should refer to the transfer credit process in the  Graduate Studies catalog.)

Getting WIU Equivalency Credit

Students requesting credit for specific courses at WIU must submit detailed course descriptions or a syllabus for each course. If these are not in English, word for word translations are required. 

Email course information to  Please include your WIU ID number.

International Transfer Evaluation Process and Guidelines

  • A review of transfer credits does not occur until a student has applied and been admitted to Western Illinois University.
  • The International Admissions transfer evaluator will forward course descriptions and syllabi to the academic departments to determine if course equivalencies exist or if the student should be awarded non-equivalent credit. International Admissions will enter course credit on the student’s transfer evaluation.
  • Western Illinois University operates on a semester calendar. Other credits/hours will be converted to equivalent U.S. semester hours. Therefore, the credits on your evaluation may not match the credits listed on your transcript.
  • Not all of your credits may satisfy WIU major, minor, or graduation requirements, and you may need to take additional coursework to meet these requirements.
  • Evaluations can take several weeks. Submit course information early so you know which WIU classes you will get credit for and which WIU classes you can sign up for.
  • If you do not submit course information, you will still receive general elective credit for your transferrable courses. However, you may not be able to register for some courses at WIU until the prerequisites have been satisfied. 
  • English language training courses (ESL) do not earn transfer credit.