Graduate Studies

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the admission process?
  1. Submit application and pay application fee (there is no fee waiver)

  2. WIU ID number is received 2-4 business days after the submission of the application. 

  3. Send admission documents to Include your WIU ID number and full name.

  4. Applications

    • Undergraduates: GPA calculation performed.  
    • Graduates: GPA calculation performed. Students are notified and the file is sent to the department for admission decision. 
  1. Student is notified of admission decision (and scholarship amount if applicable) via email

  2. If admitted, the student submits proof of funding  to .

  3. Acceptance letter and I-20 is sent via email to the student. Hard copies are no longer mailed unless requested.

Can I apply for more than one program?

Yes. Applicants are limited to two programs for which they can be considered for admission. Select your first choice from the application menu, record your second program of choice in the comments section of the application. Do not submit multiple applications.

Can I complete a second bachelor's degree (undergraduate degree) and a graduate degree at the same time?

No. As of the Fall semester 2023, students pursuing a second bachelor's degree will not be allowed to enroll in graduate courses nor will graduate degree seeking students be allowed to enroll in second bachelor's degree courses. Students must complete the degree requirements of one program at a time. Graduate students who seek a second bachelor's degree can pause the graduate program to complete the second bachelor's degree, then resume the graduate program upon conferral of the undergraduate degree. To resume the graduate degree, students can submit a  graduate readmission application the semester prior to the completion of their current degree program.

Can I be enrolled in two graduate degrees at the same time?

Yes, though it is discouraged. Enrollment in two graduate degree programs will require the individual degree requirements of both programs to be met before either degree will confer. Students who exceed the  C rule  will not be eligible to complete either degree.

What is the format for letters of recommendation?

Letters on letterhead are preferred but not required. Your full name and WIU ID# should be included in all letters as should the name of the recommendation provider. Choose recommenders that can attest to your ability to be successful in graduate school.

Should I send my recommendation letters or should it be sent directly from the recommenders? 

It is preferred that you collect your letters from your providers and send them to . We are unable to provide status updates on all applications. If letters are submitted in this manner, you will know that the documents have been submitted. If your recommender prefers to send the letter directly to , please request that they notify you when the letter is submitted.

How long does it take to get an admission decision? 

We are not able to give an exact timeline for admission decisions as it varies by department, volume of applications we receive, and is dependent on the student submitting all required admission documents to complete the file. Pay special attention to the required documents for your application status and program.

How do I check my admission status?

You will receive an email notification of receipt of documents.  We do not have a student portal at this time.

Graduate students will be notified by automated email when their file is sent to the department for an admission decision.

Applicants will be notified by email of the admission decision.

What are the  deadlines  to apply? 

April 1 -  fall (August)  

October 1 -  spring (January)  

How Much is the Application Fee?


Can I Request an Application Fee Waiver? 

The $50 application fee must be paid before your application can be processed. We do not provide fee waivers.

How Do I Pay the Application Fee? 

1. Credit card payment through the application

2. Payments made after submission of application

Check or money order drawn on a US bank. Include full name of applicant, application ID number & WIU ID number

  • Sent by mail to International Admissions
  • Paid by in person in 116 Sherman Hall (Macomb Campus) by a third party

Exact cash paid by a third party in 116 Sherman Hall on the Macomb campus

Credit card or money transfer via  PayMyTuition . WIU ID number is required.

Can I change programs?

New applicants : Send an email to    with your name, WIU ID number and the program to which you want to change. Your major will be updated based on your email.  

New students ( enrolling at WIU for the first time): New students must complete a semester in the program to which they were initially accepted and is designated on their I-20. 

Returning students (previously enrolled at WIU): Submit the change of status form    to change or add a program. 

The change of status must be received and processed prior to the 5th day of classes in the semester in which the change is to be effective. If the application is not processed during the first week, you will remain in the program to which you were originally accepted until the start of the next semester.

How will I know if you have received my supporting documentation?

You will receive an email once the documents have been received. 

Is the TOEFL or other English Language proficiency exam required?  

It depends on your country of citizenship. Refer to the Language Proficiency Requirements 

Is the GRE and/or GMAT Required? 

It depends on the program.  Refer to the Departmental Requirements. 

What If I Am Unable To Attend? How Do I Defer?  Will My Assistantship Be Held If I Defer?

Submit the Request to Reactive Application . It will be up to the department to decide if your assistantship will be held if you defer.

Does WIU Accept the Higher National Diploma As Equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree? 

If you have not completed a minimum of a Bachelor's degree from your country, you must have completed one of the following sequences to be considered to have the equivalent of a bachelor's degree and be eligible to apply as a graduate student at Western Illinois University:

A 2 year National Diploma followed by a 2-3 year Higher National Diploma. Diplomas should be in a similar field.

A 3 year Higher National Diploma followed by a minimum of 1 year of study in the form of a Post Graduate Diploma, Post Graduate Certificate or a Master's degree. The National Diploma & subsequent top off program should be in similar fields.

A 3 year Higher National Diploma only is not equivalent to a US bachelor’s degree and would require a top off program for the applicant to be eligible to apply to graduate school. WIU does not offer a top off program.

Be advised that some graduate programs at WIU, require specific background degrees or underlying qualifications and admission may be denied based on the lack of these requirements. Familiarize yourself with the requirements for your program of interest prior to submitting the application. 

What is WIU’s policy on 3-year degrees?

WIU does accept some 3 year degrees provided the degree meets the following criteria:

  • The applicant has completed 2 years of underlying A Levels in addition to a three year bachelor’s degree.


  • The institution attended is both UGC & NAAC accredited with a B or better grade from NAAC.

  • The applicant is applying to a related graduate degree program

For 3 year Indian degrees completed at institutions with no NAAC grade but do have UGC accreditation, applicants will need to complete a 1 year top off program. This would include an MComm or similar program. WIU does not offer a top off program.

Bologna Compliant degrees are accepted as equivalent to a US bachelor’s degree. The corresponding Diploma supplement or HEAR report is required.