Graduate Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

Applying for Graduate Assistantships

Can I apply for an assistantship before I have been accepted?

Yes, but you are not eligible for a position until you are fully accepted into a degree program. Full eligibility requirements can be found  here .

When will I be notified if I received an assistantship? Can I contact the department? 

Each hiring area has its own timeline for making decisions regarding assistantships. Typically decisions begin to be made around mid-March for the fall semester. Hiring areas can be contacted directly to obtain the anticipated decision dates.

 Are letters of recommendation required to apply for an assistantship position?

The School of Graduate Studies does not require recommendation letters to hold an assistantship. It is up to the hiring area to determine if letters or other supporting documents are required. ontact your program directly for the assistantship application requirements specific to your program.

How do I search for an assistantship? (Do's & Don'ts)

The first place to look for an assistantship is within your own program. Once you are admitted, contact your graduate advisor about possible opportunities within the program or for recommendations of other areas at the university that have historically hired students from the program. The second place to check is our  website   which is where available positions are posted when we are made aware of them. Do not go to each office on campus inquiring about assistantships. Do not email every department at the university inquiring about assistantships.

Should I wait for an assistantship appointment before I submit financial documents?  While it is possible to do so, it is not advisable as there are significantly more students than positions available on campus. The majority of students do not have funding via the assistantship. If you miss the deadline for submission of financial documents, extensions will not be given and you will need to defer.

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