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Applying for Graduation

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The application will open as a Jotform to be electronically submitted to the General Studies Degree Program Office in Malpass Library.

Graduation Application Deadlines:

  • Fall Semester: submit by July 15      (Deadline in order for name to appear in fall commencement program - October 10th.)
  • Spring Semester: submit by November 15  (Deadline in order for name to appear in spring commencement program - March 10th.)
  • Summer Session: submit by April 15*  (Deadline in order for name to appear in spring commencement program - March 10.)

           *Summer Graduates are eligible to participate in the spring commencement ceremonies.

Contact your advisor if you have missed the appropriate deadline.

Upon receipt of your completed Graduation Application, BGS staff will email you to let you know it was received. After BGS staff finish processing your application, the graduation coordinator will email you a letter and a copy of your WARD. Please refer to your WARD Report for deficiencies.

Any changes (diploma name, diploma address, etc.) made after submission of the application must be reported immediately to the General Studies Degree Program Office. Changes made on STARS do NOT change the graduation application information. Updates should be emailed from the students' WIU email accounts to

Commencement Ceremonies: Students attending commencement ceremonies will be required to purchase a cap and gown from the University Union Bookstore. Students whose last term of registration is Spring or Summer are invited to attend one of the May ceremonies. Students whose last term of registration is Fall are expected to attend the December ceremony or may choose to attend a later ceremony.

Please refer to the BGS Ceremony Info page for commencement program information. 

Additional information on commencement ceremonies is also available on the Office of the Registrar's commencement page.

Graduation with Honors:  ALL undergraduate students, including transfer students, MUST earn at least 60 semester hours of credit graded A, B, C, D, or S at WIU to be eligible for graduation with honors. Please note that transfer credits may negatively impact the awarding of academic distinction upon graduation.

Disability Accommodations: If you will require a disability accommodation to participate in the commencement ceremony, please contact the Disability Resource Center at (309) 298-2512 or by email to as soon as possible , but no later than two weeks before the ceremony. Examples of accommodations are special seating arrangements because of a wheelchair, service animal, or other assistive equipment or assistance with crossing the stage. A sign language interpreter is provided during the ceremony, and disability seating is available for family members.

Alumni Registration: Complete the Alumni Registration Form found in the drop down menu on STARS at If you have difficulty with the online form, please contact Alumni Programs at (309) 298-1914. This is optional, but greatly appreciated.

Career Development Center: Contact the CDC at (309) 298-1838 if you would like to schedule a telephone or face-to-face Career Preparation appointment to assess your level of career rediness.

Commencement is a ceremony to recognize anticipated graduates for a given term. Actual degree conferral (graduation) will not occur until after final grades are posted and all graduation requirements are completed.

Students must clear all financial and administrative encumbrances before degree transcripts and the diploma will be mailed.