john wood partnership signingCommunity College and Corporate Partnerships

The Bachelor of Arts in General Studies degree program is constantly working toward increasing its partnerships. In doing so, we provide a wide range of opportunities for students to complete a bachelor’s degree. For additional institutional agreements visit undergraduate Admissions.


Students residing in Iowa, Missouri, and Wisconsin are assessed the in-state rate for tuition.

Transfer Previous Course Credits

Our community college partnerships program allows for transfer of up to 80 semester hours from a community college.

Community Partnerships

Employers offering credit or educational opportunities for their employees are urged to contact us about creating a new partnership that fits your needs. For example, WIU has an official partnership with Dot Foods, Inc., of Mt. Sterling, Illinois. For information on this partnership visit: If your business or corporation would like to pursue a new partnership opportunity for your employees, please contact us.

We welcome the opportunity to partner your company and enhance your employee's personal education and development.

Community College Partners