Proficiency Examinations

You may earn academic credit by taking proficiency examinations through two national examination programs.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST) (formerly Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support - DANTES)

Official test score(s) should be sent directly by the test scoring agency to:

General Studies Degree Program
Western Illinois University
1 University Circle
Macomb, IL 61455-1390

Note: After admission, proficiency examination credit through CLEP and DSST may be awarded only by Western Illinois University. Always check for duplication of credit before taking an examination.


You may also earn credit by proficiency examinations through various WIU academic departments. These examinations are administered on the Macomb campus. Students attending WIU-QC campus should talk to their advisor about possible exceptions.  This is a list of available courses: Available Courses

Procedures for WIU Academic Departmental Proficiency Examinations 

1.  During the first six weeks of the semester in which you plan to take the examination:
     1.1   Go online to obtain the Application for Proficiency Examination form.  In some cases, the departmental office administering the exam will provide a form.
     1.2   After obtaining the written approval of the department chairperson or the designated departmental representative, you must return the completed proficiency application to the Registrar's office.

2.  After the WIU academic departmental proficiency examination is scored, the result will be posted on both your WIU transcript and your WARD Report.

Policies Regarding WIU Academic Departmental Proficiency Examinations

1.  Proficiency examinations are open to all enrolled BGS degree students.

2.  Proficiency examinations may not be taken:
     2.1   If you have received course credit after completion of the course AND/OR
     2.2   At a level more elementary than completed course work.

3.  Credit earned by proficiency examination does not apply toward the 30-hour BGS enrollment (residency) requirement. 

Hours earned by proficiency examination are to be applied toward your total graduation hours and may be applied toward the Social Science, Humanities and Natural Science/Mathematics requirement.

Always check for duplication of credit before taking a proficiency examination.