EZproxy Server Host Updates

WIU Libraries' EZproxy system enables authenticated, WIU-affiliated users access to library subscription resources 24/7 from any Web-acessible location (note: use a current browser; both Cookies and Javascript must be enabled).

EZproxy server host/domain updates are performed on a regular basis. Infrequently, but on occasion, an authorized domain/host will receive activation before the EZproxy update is applied. WIU users who receive an error message regarding a Host that needs to be added (example shown below) should paste the error message in an email to The domain will be updated as quickly as possible, usually the same day.


		To allow to be used in a starting point URL, your EZproxy administrator must    
		first authorize the hostname of this URL in the config.txt file.

                Within this database's section of config.txt, either the following line must be added:


                or, alternatively, a RedirectSafe for this host or domain may be appropriate.

                After editing config.txt, the EZproxy server must be restarted to make changes take effect.