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Go West Statistics
FY-2015 Ridership to Date 1,788,311
Since 2/22/99 22.8 million
Estimate for FY15 1.85 million
Change from FY14 to FY15 -9%
Change over 5 year Trend -6%
ALL-TIME weekly record 71,156 (Oct 24 - 30, 2011)
ALL-TIME daily record 15,885 (Oct 29, 2011)
Weekly ridership 1999-2000 19,876
Weekly "in session" ridership Fy -2015 54,490
Total Ridership FY-2014 1,978,236
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Service Advisories:


2015-16 Maps are in print and available all over.

There are Some potential issues with the Quad Drive:  Please be patient!  We hope there will be no delays but anticipate a possible minor or even major detours.

Welcome back Students!

All routes running on Regular (In-Session) Routes:  

These are Routes 1 Through 19.  These are also known as the Carousel Routes, the Night and Weekend Routes, and the Municipal "In-Session" Routes.

On Monday September 7th, we will be operating Routes 1-6 on "Sunday" Schedule, while routes 12-19 run normal schedules.  

--This means, No route 1 Purple, 1 Gold will run 1 bus from 11:30 AM till 1 PM.  Brown 5 will run from Noon until 9 PM, and the Amtrak Route will meet both Amtrak Trains from Chicago.  Also, there will be no routes 6 -8.  Otherwise, it will be a normal Monday In-Session Day. 

Changes from 2014-15 Routes:

Route 11 "Bomber Express" will Replace the old Route 18 SE

Route 12 South:  We have Re-added Saturday Service, but the Frequency is reduced to once per hour.

Route 13 West:  Change in Route (See map) Added Saturday Service, but Frequency is reduced to Once per hour.

Route 14 North:  Frequency Reduced to Once per hour.

Route 16 Northwest:  Name Change (dropped "Gold") Route designed changed-- exits campus at Ward Street, Enters at Lincoln Washington, services Jackson Street east of ward.

Route 18 Southwest:  All New Design! Services Hospital, Grand Prairie, Wesley Village, Jefferson house & Walgreen's.  hourly Service, including Saturday.


Fare Information

All routes are fare-free. Go West is now the only unlimited access bus system in the state of Illinois!

Lost and Found:

Office Hours are 9 AM to 4 PM Monday - Friday, at 701 East Pierce.  Please call with a description of your lost item and what route it might have been lost.  (309) 575-3333

Contact Info

Go West Transit

701 E Pierce
Email: GoWest@wiu.edu
Phone: (309) 575-3333
Fax: (309) 575-3014