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Union Food Court Survey

WIU Students—We want your help in deciding what new food platform will be introduced inside the University Union Food Court. In addition to this decision, we want to inform you of another exciting change coming to the Union Food Court this upcoming fall semester. 

Background: In 2018 a student survey was sent out to the WIU campus requesting students to preference their top (3) food platforms desired to be seen in the Union food court as well as their preference on the top (3) restaurants that the student body wanted to be seen in the Union food court. The results were as follows:

  • Top Three Food Platforms: Mexican, Chicken, Italian
  • Top Three Restaurants: Chick-fil-a, Chipotle, Subway

Based on that feedback, the team continued to evaluate the platforms offered in the Union location.  With the recent vacancy of Burger King, we are now reviewing what other options are available based on several different variables including (franchise fees, labor, food costs, competitor locations, etc…). With all of these factors being taken into consideration, the two franchise locations that have been chosen for selection are 1.) Qdoba and 2.) Firehouse Subs.

We believe these two platforms will meet the needs of the WIU student body and provide the most opportunity for success on the campus of Western Illinois University. We would like to hear what your preference is between the two establishments. Please take some time to review the FAQ’s, developed from meetings with WIU's Student Government Association (SGA) and Inter-Hall Council (IHC), as well as review the conceptual menus that would most likely be offered at each platform.

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Other Upcoming Change

One additional change coming to the Union Food Court for fall 2021 is the addition of a We Proudly Serve Starbucks platform, which will be housed where Einstein’s Brothers Bagels is currently located. This change offers the University savings in a variety of ways and allows that savings to be applied to the other platform location, so that a bigger and more well-known franchise can take over vacancy. The We Proudly Serve concept will feature 90% of the Starbucks drink menu.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For both Qdoba and Fire House will we get the full menus or will options be reduced?
Menus are provided above. Fire House would be no soup and one size of sandwich. Qdoba would not offer the Pinto Beans or the Signature Eats program.

For Starbucks will students be able to use or redeem the rewards point program?
No since this is not a licensee location instead it is a franchise. Much like Chick-fil-A.

Will gift cards be accepted any of the platforms?
Currently we won't be able to accept them, however, this will be a topic we will continue to investigate and look to implement in the future.

Will the pricing at Proudly Serve be comparable to Einstein’s pricing? How does that compare to regular Starbucks pricing?
University Dining will have control over establishing these prices (again because it’s a licensee location). 

Will the Proudly Serve location have bakery items?
Yes, we will have a variety of bakery items as well as sandwiches and other hot/cold breakfast products.