University Technology

Respondus LockDown Browser for Chromebooks

Effective August 2021, Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor for Chromebooks are out of beta and available as a final release.

It is no longer necessary to enable the Chromebook option on a per-exam basis.

Directions for installing LockDown Browser for Chromebook:

  1. Log into the Chromebook and start the Chrome browser.
  2. Clear your browser cache/history before you do the installation.  Review the steps provided at Google's Chromebook Help if you are unsure how to do this.
  3. The easiest way to install the extension is from the Quiz/Exam start page.  Log into Western Online using a student account, and navigate to an exam that requires LockDown Browser.  Select the link for downloading and installing LockDown Browser. Do not go directly to the app store to install Respondus.  You must install it from the quiz area.
  4. Using LockDown Browser and Monitor with Western Online work best when Pop-Ups and Redirects are enabled.  Please follow these steps to update those settings:
    • Navigate to Western Online and sign in with your WIU credentials.
    • Click the lock icon located to the left of the url.
    • Go to the Site Settings option.
    • Change the drop down menu for "Pop-ups and Redirects" to Allow
    • Refresh your browser for changes to take effect.

 If you are experiencing issues using Respondus LockDown Browser or Monitor on a Chromebook please follow these steps.  If issues continue upon following these instructions please contact