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At Western all instructors teaching fully online courses and select instructors teaching hybrid, Livestream and/or face-to-face use Western Online to deliver their instruction by sharing announcements, course materials, assigning, collecting and grading assignments, conducting and grading exams, sharing grades, and conducting class discussions.  Use the links below to prepare yourself for your online courses. 

Click on the playlist above to see popular video tutorials for Brightspace Learners.

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   Login and access your courses

  1. In your web browser, navigate to the  MyWIU portal
  2. Click on the WesternOnline icon.
  3. If prompted, login using your WIU ECOM username and password.   
  4. Under the My Courses column, select your course. 

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  Register for the Western Online Self-Paced Student Orientation

In order to familiarize yourself with Western Online as you begin using it as part of your courses at Western, follow the simple steps outlined below to self-register for the Western Online Student Orientation and complete it in its entirety. Upon completion you will be digitally presented a certificate of completion to print and turn in to your instructor.

Use our Western Online Student Orientation Enrollment Guide to learn how to register. (Opens a PDF Document)

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  Manage Account and Profile Settings

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Use the Assignments Tool

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Review Grades and Feedback

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Participate in Online Discussions

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  Taking Quizzes and Exams

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Linking your WIU Google Account to Western Online

  • Instructions for linking your WIU Gmail Account to Western Online

 If you are continually getting a Sign-In request when trying to open Google Documents (Slides, Sheets, Docs, etc.) within your Western Online courses, please ensure you have linked your Google Account by following these instructions:

1.) Scroll down to the bottom of your WesternOnline course home page (the page you initially land on after logging in) until you see the Access Google Workspace widget and select the Link your Google Workspace account.

2.) When the Link to Existing Account screen appears, enter your WIU email address in the Email Address field, then click the Link Account button.

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Page Last Revised: 3/13/2023