"I could not imagine a path that would have done more to prepare me for my future career in business. A liberal arts education, specifically in History at Western Illinois University, prepared me thoroughly to compete in the business world. At Western I learned to think critically, to adapt, and in short, to learn. Through this process the foundation was set for success throughout my career. . . . The world changes so quickly that it is virtually impossible to teach someone a skill that will still be in demand even five years after graduation, let alone twenty. However, if the foundation is set establishing the desire and ability to learn, adapt, and change, one graduates with the skills necessary to be successful in any endeavor they choose. My degree in History from WIU gave me that foundation.-- Matt Miller, 2008 Distinguished History Alum

History majors choose from among many options for their future, in addition to teaching in middle schools or high schools, working with the general public in public history positions, and pursuing graduate studies or attending law school.

Making History Come Alive.

Options in History include:

Possible Careers

Our graduates have pursued a wide variety of successful careers in law, government service, business, journalism, education, and many other fields such as:

  • Attorney
  • Business Management
  • Congressional Aide
  • FBI Agent
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Intelligence Analyst
  • Judge
  • Museum Curator
  • Publishing

as well as being well prepared for pursuing further graduate study.

Why Choose History at WIU?

  • The Pre-Law History major is the only program of its kind offered by a public university or college in Illinois
  • Highly individualized, professional advising helps our students plan for, and achieve, their success
  • Excellent departmental mentoring & support allows our majors, minors, and graduate students to successfully complete degrees in a timely fashion
  • A nationally and regionally ranked program with an excellent history for providing a high quality, affordable education

Some of Our Graduates

At A Glance

Degrees Available:

  • B.S.
  • M.S.

Major: Yes
Minor: Yes
Campus: Macomb
Study Opportunities:

  • GradTrac
  • Honors
  • Teacher Certification
  • Graduate Studies

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