Sociology is the study of human societies, their structure, and the ways individuals and groups relate to one another. Knowledge gained through study of sociology helps to understand contemporary issues such as poverty, crime, delinquency, deviance, urban growth and decay, and marriage and family life. WIU's Sociology curriculum emphasizes everyday issues and the workings of society in general, the sociology degree is useful in a great variety of occupational fields. 

Possible Career Paths

In addition to preparation for for advanced graduate study, Sociology majors find their preparation is excellent for beginning a solid career in a wide variety of fields, such as;

  • Personnel
  • Industry
  • Hospitals or Health Care
  • Survey Research
  • Public-Opinion Polling
  • Marketing and Advertising Research
  • Government
  • Nonprofit Agencies
Why Choose Sociology at WIU?

Challenging, Career-Building Extracurricular Opportunities

Alpha Kappa Delta
The international sociology honor society was founded in 1920 and is dedicated to promoting "an interest in the study of sociology, research of social problems, and such other social and intellectual activities as will lead to improvement in the human condition."
American Sociological Association
The American Sociological Association (ASA), founded in 1905, is a non-profit membership association dedicated to advancing sociology as a scientific discipline and profession serving the public good.
Midwest Sociological Society
The Midwest Sociological Society, founded in 1936, is a professional organization of academic and applied sociologists as well as students of the discipline.
Graduate Sociology Organization
For information, please contact Dr. Richard Gee, the Graduate Student Organization advisor.
Western Anthropology and Sociology Club (WASC)
The WASC of Western Illinois University is comprised of numerous students enrolled in the program and holds regular meetings.

At A Glance

Degrees Available:

  • B.A.

Major: Yes

Minor: Yes

Graduate Degree: Yes

Campus: Macomb

Study Opportunities:

  • GradTrac
  • Honors

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