Bachelor of Arts in General Studies (BGS)

The WIU Bachelor of Arts in General Studies (BGS) degree program, formerly the Board of Trustees Bachelor of Arts, was developed in 1972 to help those who are unable to complete an undergraduate degree by traditional means successfully complete the requirements for graduation.

A Program That Works Around Your Schedule & Needs

  • Flexible, non-majored student designed curriculum
  • Earn credits online or in a classroom
  • No campus attendance required
  • No time limit to complete degree
  • No time limit on transfer credit
  • 4 year tuition freeze for continuous enrollment
  • Acceptance of ACE evaluated and recommended credit from non collegiate and military training
  • Acceptance of proficiency exam credit

You Can Successfully Complete Your Degree

The BGS degree is the answer for achieving a degree with the highest academic accreditation from a public state university that:

  • allows you the flexibility to meet your own personal educational objectives
  • allows you to work according to your own time-frame
  • cost guarantee
  • accepts a variety of transfer credit from regionally accredited colleges and  universities, and educational institutions
  • efficiently applies transfer credits to your baccalaureate degree.

Please note: if your goals require a specialized degree or certification such as is needed to become a doctor, nurse, certified public school teacher or certified public accountant, etc., this degree may not meet your needs.

At A Glance

  • Degrees Available:
    • B.A.
  • Major: General Studies
  • Minor: Can be earned through the program
  • Graduate Degree: No
  • Fully Online
  • Campus: Macomb & Quad Cities 
  • Study Opportunities:

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