Our Teacher Certification Programs - A History of Academic Excellence

Teacher Education at WIU - a long-standing tradition of preparing highly talented, well-qualified, ethical professional educators.

Founded in 1899, the Western Illinois State Normal School was established to address teacher preparation in the state’s grammar schools. The faculty and students of Western were eager to meet this need, and the institution soon became known for its well-rounded, deeply committed graduates, a tradition that continues.

As the years passed and the name was changed to Western Illinois State Teachers College in 1921 and then to Western Illinois University in 1957, the institution’s mission continually broadened to include academic majors that prepared high school teachers; the state’s earliest and most successful extension program; a multi-faceted graduate school; a liberal arts program; and, eventually, distinguished colleges. Join the tradition.

* =  Available at both WIU & QC Campuses

Teacher Certification Majors of Study

  • Special (K-12)
    • Art
    • French
    • Music
    • Physical Education
    • Spanish
    • Special Education - Learning Behavior Specialist 1
    • Technology Specialist (Graduate Program)

Honors Options Available!

All Teacher Certification & Pre-professional Degree Programs have Honors College options available.

Our honors program provides academically talented and motivated undergraduate students an enriched academic curriculum and excellent career-building opportunities for leadership, professional development, and service learning.

Contact the Centennial Honors College for details.