Student completing an application

Apply for Admission to Western Illinois University

To apply for admission to the University, please complete the appropriate application below. If you are unsure of which application to complete, please call the Admissions Office at (309)298-3157 or email

Not seeking a degree?

Are you a former WIU student looking to re-apply?

  • Readmission Application (Undergraduate)
    If you are a former WIU student who has not been enrolled for one or more spring or fall semesters.

  • Readmission Application (Graduate)
    If you have previously applied to Graduate School as a degree or nondegree-seeking student and earned a grade (even if a W) but have not attended within the past year.

  • Readmission Application (General Studies Degree)
    If you have earned prior credit from Western Illinois University and are seeking readmission to the Bachelor of Arts in General Studies degree program. (This program was previously known as the Board of Trustees Degree.)