Graduate Studies

Application for Admission

Which of the following choices best describes you?

New Student Returning Current
You are a New Student if you:
  • are currently enrolled as a WIU undergraduate student and wish to apply to the School of Graduate Studies to begin graduate studies in the future.
  • have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent and have never attended WIU.
  • have a bachelor’s degree from WIU but have never enrolled in additional WIU coursework at any level.
  • have previously enrolled as an undergraduate student at WIU, but later earned a bachelor’s degree at another institution.
  • are applying for a second bachelor’s degree and have never enrolled in any WIU coursework since earning your first degree.
  • have applied to WIU graduate school within the past two years but was not able to attend.
  • are currently a WIU undergraduate student and applying for an integrated baccalaureate and master's degree program.
You are a Returning Student if you:
  • have previously applied to the School of Graduate Studies as a degree-seeking or nondegree-seeking student and earned a grade (even a W) but have not attended within the past year.
  • have completed a graduate (or second bachelor’s degree) at WIU and wish to enroll in coursework for the term immediately following degree completion.
You are a Current Student if you:
  • are currently enrolled in any level WIU course(s) as a degree-seeking or nondegree graduate student.
  • have enrolled as a graduate student in coursework within the past year and have not just completed a graduate degree.