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Learn about our new water level sensor systems which were provided by the Moline Conservation Club.  These systems are solar-powered and are controlled via a 4G cell signal.  This allows us to monitor water levels and the microclimate in the vicinity of the sensors on a 24-7 basis!

Installing the senors -

Water level monitoring - 5 inches of rain over 24 hours -

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Ph.D. Candidates Defend Dissertations - Drs. Michele Rehbein and Anshu Singh become WIU's first Ph.D. graduates!

November 18, 2020.  Anshu Singh, a candidate in Western's Environmental Science Ph.D. Program successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation on the partitioning of trace metals derived from a foundry slag deposit in a Mississippi River floodplain lake.

October 28, 2020.  Michele Rehbein, a candidate in Western's Environmental Science Ph.D. Program was the first student to successfully defend her Ph.D. dissertation on "Mosquitoes of Wetland and Low Order Streams in West-Central and North-Central Illinois: Developing Models between Culex Mosquito Abundance Versus Abiotic Factors and Identification of Mosquito Hosts through Genetic Sequencing,"  Read more at

Media Coverage

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