Institute For Environmental Studies

Laboratory Facilities & Equipment

March 2016.  MOLINE, IL.  The Environmental Science (ES) Laboratories at WIU-QC serve as a hub for analytic work conducted by students engaged in field studies throughout the region.

MSR view from ES labs

The Mississippi River viewed from the ES research labs. (Photo taken 18-September 2014 by R. Viadero.)


Way Beyond the Basics in the Field and in the Lab ...

In the field, ES Ph.D. students have access to a full complement of ruggedized water quality meters in addition to data loggers for longer term in situ monitoring.  The latest geospatial survey instrumentation is also available to students who require high-accuracy mapping and GIS data collection capabilities for their research.  This includes a Trimble® Geo 7X equipped with a Trimble® Tornado™ antenna. Students also have access to Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter (ADV) technology that can be used to quantify water velocities in three dimensions.

The ES laboratories are outfitted with the equipment/instrumentation needed to support a broad variety of aquatic research; this includes a "Type II" laboratory water conditioner, a climate controlled centrifuge, an analytic balance, drying ovens, and a muffle furnace.  This equipment is complimented by automatic titrators, and scanning ultraviolet/visible light spectrophotometers (including a low volume flow cell).  A Thermo Scientific iCE 3300 atomic absorption spectrophotometer equipped with a six lamp carousel and an autosampler is also available to support student research.

Naturally, worker safety in the laboratory and in the field is a high priority.  Prior to working in QCC 1226 or QCC 1220 students and staff should read and understand the Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) as well as complete the required training modules indicated on pp. 8-9 in the CHP.  Be sure to contact Prof. Viadero if you have any questions or concerns about worker safety in the laboratory or in the field (; 309.762.9481, x62210 at WIU-QC; or 309.298.1632 at WIU Macomb).

Explore one of our research laboratories below (photo taken on 18-September 2014).  Using your mouse, you can move the image left and right and zoom to see additional details.

Views: QCC 1226, 6-Nov. 2014 by WIU IES