Department of Mathematics and Philosophy

Mathematics and Philosophy.

Math - Skills for a Complex World

Various concepts of mathematics are useful to an increasing number of disciplines in which quantification and logical order are essential.

The Department of Mathematics and Philosophy provides course work for a major in Mathematics with options in Pure or Applied Mathematics, Teacher Education (for Licensure as secondary teachers), and Computational and Data-Enabled Sciences. Requirements are sufficiently flexible to allow for individual interests and some specialization based upon career goals. Minors are offered in Mathematics and Statistics.

A concentration in mathematics which will meet the Illinois State Board of Education endorsement in mathematics for upper middle school and junior high teachers is also available for elementary education majors. Service courses are taught for students majoring in business, the physical sciences, and pre-engineering. Courses are available to meet the University General Education requirements.


Occupational fields open to students who have completed one of the department's programs include:

  • mathematical analysis in industry, government, teaching, computer-related employment, data analysis and other statistical work
  • mathematical aspects of business and finance


Philosophy is the study of the intellectual foundations of every area of human thought. Studying philosophy develops analytic reasoning, promotes clear writing, and provides students with the tools for success in many other professions such as law, finance, business, public relations, journalism, consulting, and public policy making.

The PhD is the highest academic degree and symbolizes a philosophical grounding in a discipline. The department offers a minor in philosophy that helps improve your understanding of your major, and provides you with the intellectual skills you will need if you are one of the 73% of people who end up in a career unrelated to your major.

Why study Philosophy?

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Mary Olive Woods Lecture and Scholarships



Math Club will meet on Monday, November 26, 2018, at 5:30 p.m. in Morgan 224. Dr. Elizabeth Hansen, professor from the Department of Mathematics and Philosophy at Western Illinois University, will discuss the Elo Rating system and how uses it, along with Monte Carlo simulations, to predict the outcome of the current NFL season. (This is rescheduled from October 22.) Pizza and drinks will be served.


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