Department of Mathematics and Philosophy

  62 nd WIU Mathematics Teachers Conference, Friday, March 22, 2013

Teaching and Learning Mathematics K-14:  Meaning and Creativity in the Classroom

Welcome to the 2013 WIU Math Conference website! 

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Note that the conference registration and opening keynote address will be in Morgan Hall 109, so that is where you should go if you plan to arrive on campus for the opening talk -- if you plan to register the day of the conference, it would help our processing if you can pay by check. 

Our keynote speakers this year will be Dr. Daina Taimina and Dr. David Henderson

Photo Taimina

Dr. Taimina is an adjunct associate professor at Cornell University whose interests lie at the intersection of mathematics, education, art and history. Her book Crocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes was awarded the 2012 Euler Book Prize from the MAA; this book is an aesthetically beautiful and visually intuitive approach toward introducing educators, students and the general public to hyperbolic geometry in particular and mathematics in general. Her work has received national coverage in such media outlets as ABC News, The New York Times, and The Boston Globe.

Photo Henderson

Dr. Henderson is Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at Cornell University and is currently involved in extensive mathematics curriculum innovation projects. In 2005, he joined the high school curriculum development team for Robert Moses’ Algebra Project, for which he is the lead writer of the geometry portion. In 2011, he joined an NSF-supported project to develop and test the potential of experiencing, describing, and visualizing space as the core of an integrated STEM education that spans the K–5 grades. He and Dr. Taimina have co-authored Experiencing Geometry: Euclidean and Non-Euclidean With History.


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The buses operate from 7am to 5pm on Fridays. There are metered parking areas closer to Morgan Hall if you would like to try that option; a general parking map indicating those metered areas is here.
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