Department of Physics

Dr. Saisudha B. Mallur

Dr. Saisudha B. MallurAssistant Professor, Department of Physics
Office Location: Currens Hall 527
Phone Number: (309) 298-1375
Personal Web Page:


  • Ph.D. – Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, 1996


  • Nuclear and Particle Physics (Spring) – Phys 540
  • Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics (Fall) – Phys 536
  • Experimental Techniques in Physics (Spring) - Phys 570
  • Mathematical Methods of Physics 1 (Spring) – Phys 367
  • Thermodynamics (Spring) - Phys 354
  • Modern Experimental Physics (Fall) – Phys 470
  • University Physics I Labs (Fall) – Phys 211
  • University Physics II Labs (Spring) – Phys 212

Research Interests

Experimental AMO Physics

Current research interests:


  • Synthesis and characterization of glasses doped with nano particles .
  • Study their electronic and optical properties using optical absorption and fluorescence experiments.
  • Investigating the effect of nanoparticles on the optical properties of rare earth ions in glasses.


Selected Publications

  • "Compositional dependence of optical band gap and refractive index in lead and bismuth borate glasses" Saisudha B. Mallur, Tyler Czarnecki, Ashish Adhikari, Panakkattu K. Babu, Materials Research Bulletin 68 (2015) 27–34
  • "The effect of host glass on the optical properties of Nd3+, Sm3+ and Dy3+ in lead borate glasses", M.B. Saisudha and J. Ramakrishna, Phys. Rev. B53, 6186 (1996).
  • "The fluorescence of Nd3+ in lead borate and bismuth borate glasses with large stimulated emission cross-section", M.B. Saisudha, K.S.R. Koteshwara Rao, H.L. Bhat and J. Ramakrishna, J. Appl. Phys. 80, 4845 (1996).
  • "Optical absorption of Nd3+ in bismuth borate glasses with large radiative transition probabilities", M.B. Saisudha and J.Ramakrishna, Optical Materials, 18(4),403-417 (2002).