Department of Physics

Pre-engineering program

Pre-engineering Program Coordinator: Dr. P. K. Babu
Office: Currens Hall 426
Telephone: 309-298-2743
Fax: 309/298-2850

What is Pre-Engineering?

Pre-Engineering is a program designed to provide for a student's first two years of a four-year Engineering degree. Since the first two years of most programs have the same curricula, one can transfer to Engineering schools with minimal difficulty.

Dual degree!

Western Illinois University has an agreement with the College of Engineering, University of Illinois, whereby students may obtain a Bachelor's degree in College of Arts and Sciences at WIU, and a degree from the College of Engineering at University of Illinois. In general, students spend three years at WIU and two to two and one-half at the University of Illinois. A student becomes eligible for both degrees when the entire program is completed. At present, College of Arts and Sciences at WIU cooperates with College of Engineering at Bradley University in Peoria, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), and University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).

Pre-Engineering course requirements

If you are interested in a Dual Degree, you are required to complete the standard pre-engineering courses as well as the Curriculum requirements for the B.S. Degree in the College of Arts and Sciences. They are shown in the table below.

Category Semester Hours
Communication Skills 9
Natural Sciences and Mathematics 16
Social Science 12
Humanities 12
Multicultural Studies 3
Human well-being 3

Freshman Year

Fall Sem. Hr Spring Sem. Hr
MATH133 ( Calculus I) 4 MATH134 ( Calculus II) 4
PHYS197 ( University Physics I) 4 PHYS198 ( University Physics II) 4
ENGR 105 Engineering Drafting 3 CS225 C++ 3
ENG180 College Writing I 3 SOC./HUM 3

Sophomore Year

Fall Sem. Hr Spring Sem. Hr
CHEM201(Inorganic Chemistry I) 4 CHEM202( Inorganic Chemistry II) 4
MATH231 (Calculus III) 4 MATH333 (Ordinary Diff. Eq.) 3
PHYS200(University Physics III) 4 PHYS201(University Physics IV) 3
MATH311 (Linear Algebra) 3 PHYS 220 or 221 and/or 312 3 - 4
ENG280 (College Writing II) 3 SOC./HUM 3
  • Programs requiring Phys 220 include computer, electrical, industrial, mechanical and nuclear engineering.
  • Programs requiring Phys 221 include food, agricultural, ceramic, general, and metallurgical engineering, as well as engineering mechanics.
  • Programs requiring Phys 312 include mechanical, food, ceramic, industrial, metallurgical, civil, engineering mechanics, aeronautical and astronomical, agricultural, general, and nuclear.