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Physics Research Day Posters Spring 2011

Enjoy larger versions of these posters on our Physics Rolling News Display. Please feel free to get in touch with our students and faculty if you are interested in any particular poster. Please follow following link for pictures: Physics Research Day Picasa Album.

Student Research Opportunities

Hands-on learning.

Few jobs can be found today where experience is not required, and this is especially true in the type of high tech careers our graduates seek. That is why undergraduate research is such a vital component of the educational experience in the WIU Physics Department. Opportunities exist for students at all levels (Freshman through Seniors) to begin working with faculty on research projects that are of interest to the student and of importance to the scientific community at large. Whether you are interested in experimental, theoretical, or computational physics or issues in physics education, a faculty sponsor is available who will mentor you in your studies.

Applied Knowledge

Research experiences are designed to supplement your studies in the classroom, not detract from them. You have Faculty work closely with students.the opportunity to apply the theoretical principles discussed in class to the experimental problems of the real world. While doing the work is certainly its own reward, you can also receive credit for your work in Physics 477 and honors students can also earn honors credit in this course which will culminate in their honors thesis (Physics 491H). Occasionally student help money is available for those who have special skills in the machine shop or with a computer.

Of course, your resume will certainly benefit from the experience. Previous participants have found that they have a competitive edge when applying for summer internships and graduate school as well as academic or industrial employment. Students active in these research experiences have been accepted at the University of Chicago, the University of Illinois, and Iowa State University and they have consistently won national fellowship awards like the Barry M. Goldwater, USA Today All-Academic Team, and Phi Kappa Phi. (next)

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