Department of Physics

Recent M.Sc. Theses

Fall 2013

  • Adetola Quadri, "Optical Pulse Propagation: Macroscopic and Microscopic" (thesis adviser: Prof. Kishor Kapale)
  • Olowatobi Olorunsola, "Understanding Conoscopic Interference Patterns in Anisotropic Crystals" (thesis adviser: Prof. Pengqian Wang)

Spring 2013

  • Akinloluwa Olumoroti, "Effect of Silver Nanoparticles on the Fluorescence of Pb2+ and Compositional Dependence of Sm3+ Fluorescence in Borate Glasses" (thesis adviser: Prof. P. K. Babu)

Spring 2011

  • Jacob Brown, " Orbital Angular Momentum of Light in the Radio Range of the Electromagnetic Spectrum" (thesis adviser: Prof. Kishor Kapale)


  • Thomas James Topel, "2SC Color Superconductivity in a Magnetic Field " (thesis adviser: Prof. Vivian Incera)
  • Xinyang Wang, "The Role of Weak Processes in Stellar Quark Matter" (thesis adviser: Prof. Igor Shovkovy)