11th Annual Donna Phillips Memorial 5K Run & Dog Walk

Department of Kinesiology

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Brophy Hall Labs & Fields

  • Anatomy Lab
  • Athletic Training Complex
  • Biomechanics Lab
  • Dance Studios
  • Exercise Physiology Lab
  • Fitness Room
  • Knoblauch Corporate Kitchen and Dining Room
  • Pedagogy Lab
  • Swimming Complex

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Department of Kinesiology

Brophy Hall 212

1 University Circle

Macomb, IL; 61455


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Congratulations Plos & Piper

Provost's Award for Academic Excellence in University/Community Service: Jennifer Plos, Department of Kinesiology. (read more)

2021 COEHS College Award for Excellence in Scholarly Activities: Tim Piper, Department of Kinesiology. (Formal Presentation will be announced)

food pantry donation

Alumni/Student/Staff Spotlight

The McDonough Power Co-Op presented a Donation of $2400 for continued support of the WIU Food Pantry.

Colleen Furgeson

WIU’s Sport Management Program well-represented at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Colleen Furgeson the newest member of the Leatherneck family Women’s 100m freestyle swimmer also served as flag bearer for her home country Marshall Islands (RMI).