Athletic Training Program Expenses

Costs associated with the ATP will be the responsibility of the student. The instructional fee per semester hour is the same for students enrolled in the ATP as for other students enrolled at WIU. In addition to tuition, housing, books/supplies, and usual transportation costs, students in the ATP will incur additional expenses in at least the following areas (estimated costs are in parenthesis):

  • Program admission physical examination ($20), including immunizations (Hep B $65/dose) as required by the University or clinical education sites
  • Criminal background check ($52)
  • Laboratory fees in AT 110 ($75), AT 211 ($50), AT 301 ($50), AT 311 ($40), AT 401 ($30), & AT 411 ($25)
  • Transportation and other expenses associated with daily off-campus clinical education rotations, preseason camp coverage, and internships (Macomb has free bus service). This does not pertain to travel with WIU intercollegiate teams or away events with the high school
  • Clothing necessary to meet the ATP dress code, including but not limited to polo shirts, athletic training t-shirts, and khaki pants/shorts
  • TB Screening (Initial QFT = $25 Annual Risk Assessment = Free)
  • Annual CPR with AED for the Professional Rescuer Certification ($30)

Note: Since the ATP is a professional education program, students will need to remain flexible with their time to participate fully in laboratory sessions, clinical education rotations, and internships. Most students are unable to maintain regular employment during enrollment in the program.