Academic Plan

The Athletic Training Program at WIU is a selective program in that students must apply for formal acceptance into the curriculum. The program can accommodate approximately 72 students based on an 8:1 ratio of students to Certified Athletic Trainers. The traditional student is required to complete an 8 semester academic plan. See 8 semester Academic Plan. Students with higher academic standing or transfer students must be willing to make a commitment to the program of at least 7 semesters. See 7 semester Academic Plan. These time frames are the minimal amount of time needed to attain the experience and education required to satisfy all the competencies and proficiencies required of an entry-level professional.

Academic achievement involves completion of courses in the athletic training major and grade point averages of 3.0 overall/3.0 major.

AT Month 2011

Athletic Training Students Celebrate Athletic Training Month 2011 with Video and Fundraiser