Entry Fee ImageWhere does the money go?

The money that we collect from the $25 entry fee will pay for the costs associated with the event (gifts, prizes, marketing, etc.)  The remaining $$ will be applied to the following:

  1. 50% of the $$ will be directed toward the Donna Phillips Scholarship Fund.
  2. 50% of the $$ will be divided evenly between the various student clubs that have assisted with the run.  The student clubs will be able to use this money to help defray costs for such things as travel and registration to professional conferences, trips, and other events that they may choose to sponsor.

The money collected from your optional donations will go directly to the fund that you specify.

Student clubs involved with the organization/management of the 2014 Run/Walk include:

  • ESSA (Exercise Science students)
  • ATSA (Athletic Training students)
  • APEK (Physical Education students)
  • PES (Kinesiology Honor Society Students)