Physical Education Curriculum

The curriculum for the physical education major can be divided into 7 general categories (125-126 total credits).

General Education

Students are required to complete 43 credit hours of coursework that fulfill the University General Education Requirements.  General Education is the component of the undergraduate curriculum devoted to those areas of knowledge, methods of inquiry, and ideas that the University and scholarly community believe are common to well-educated persons.  While Physical Education students can selected from a wide-variety of courses across campus, there are 6 courses that Physical Education majors are required to complete for the program.  These courses include;

  • ENG 180 College Writing I (3 cr)
  • ENG 280 College Writing II (3 cr)
  • COMM 241 Introduction to Public Speaking (3 cr)
  • MATH 123 Modeling with Mathematical Functions (3 cr)
  • PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology (3 cr)
  • UNIV 100 Personal Growth and Well-Being in Higher Education (1 cr)

Remember, these courses represent only a subset of the general education requirements.  Students will work with their Academic Advisor to assist them with selecting courses that will fullfil the remainder of the University General Education Requirements.

 Kinesiology Core

The Department of Kinesiology has developed 5 courses (15 credit hours) that provide students with the foundational knowledge that is common among the three undergraduate majors offered in the Department.  The KIN Core includes;

  • KIN 270 Motor Behavior (3 cr)
  • KIN 290 Anatomy & Physiology I (3 cr)
  • KIN 359 Sport and Exercise Psychology (3 cr)
  • KIN 391 Physiology of Exercise (3 cr)
  • KIN 392 Biomechanics (3 cr)

Physical Education Content

These courses are designed to provide Physical Education majors with content knowledge in a variety of activities that are included in K-12 physical education curricula.  Physical Education Content Courses include;

  • KIN 115 Social Dance Forms (1 cr)
  • KIN 124 Educational Gymnastics (1 cr)
  • KIN 135 Lifelong Leisure Activities (2 cr)
  • KIN 226 Net/Wall Games (2 cr)
  • KIN 251 Invasion Games (2 cr)
  • KIN 252 Contemporary Physical Activities (1 cr)
  • KIN 253 Target/Field Games (2 cr)
  • KIN 255 Elementary Movement Fundamentals (2 cr)
  • KIN 325 Principles of Health Related Fitness (3 cr)
  • plus student must fulfill a swimming requirement by enrolling is one of the following course
    • KIN 102 Swimming (1 cr)
    • KIN 107 Lifeguarding (2 cr)
    • KIN 108 Open Water Scuba (2 cr)

Physical Education Methods

These courses provide Physical Education majors with the pedagogical knowledge and skills needed to teach K-12 physical education.  Physical Education Methods Courses include;

  • KIN 160 Introduction to Physical Education (2 cr)
  • KIN 250 Instructional Foundations in Physical Education (2 cr)
  • KIN 265 Skill Analysis and Assessment in Physical Education (2 cr)
  • KIN 365 Physical Education for Elementary Grades (3 cr)
  • KIN 393 Adapted Physical Education (3 cr)
  • KIN 369 Motor Development (3 cr)
  • KIN 395 Assessment in Adapted Physical Education (2 cr)
  • EDUC 439 Methods and Materials in Physical Education (3 cr)
  • KIN 461 Field Experience (1 cr)
  • KIN 477 Physical Education Curriculum (3 cr)

Education Requirements

These courses prepare students to teach in the public schools.  In addition these courses prepare students for the Illinois Teacher Licensure tests required for graduation.  Education Coursework include;

  • EIS 202 Multicultural and Social Foundations of Education (3 cr)
  • EIS 301 Cognitive Development & Motivation in Academic Settings (3 cr)
  • RDG 387 Literacy Instruction in Content Areas (2 cr)
  • EIS 401 Educational Law and Policy (2 cr)
  • C&I403 Middle Level Education (4 cr)

Student Teaching

After successful completion of all coursework (with a C or better), Physical Education majors complete two 8-week students teaching experiences.  Students will complete one of the following combinations during their student teaching experience; (elementary + middle), (elementary + high school) or (middle + high school).  Student teaching coursework include;

  • STCH 480 Student Teaching Secondary - Grades 7-12 (6 cr)
  • STCH 483 Student Teaching in Physical Education - Grades K-6 (6 cr)

Additional Graduation Requirements


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With all these requirements, can I graduate in 4 years?

YES, students can graduate in 4 years provided they work hard, earn at least a C in all of their courses, and meet regularly with their academic advisor in order to 'stay on track'.  Click here to see the 4-year course sequence.