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"For successfully meeting established criteria, the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) officially recognizes Western Illinois University's Educational Program in Strength and Conditioning". WIU's Exercise Science & Fitness major now meets the guidelines and criteria set by the only accredited national governing body for fitness and strength certifications NSCA.

Kinesiology is the study and practice of the art and science of human movement. It is concerned with how and why humans move; the physiological, sociological, and psychological consequences of movement; and the skills and motor patterns of the movement repertoire.

Through kinesiology, students learn efficient motor skills for everyday living and apply these fundamental skills in a variety of activities. They develop and maintain sound physiological functions through vigorous muscular activity and learn to use that Joe Decker - Alumnis and World's Fittest Mandevelopment in competition and in a variety of fitness and lifetime-related activities. The study of kinesiology encourages the appreciation of an active and healthy lifestyle.

A bachelor's or master's degree in kinesiology can lead to rewarding careers in teaching and coaching in the public and private schools and to careers in such areas as athletic training, cardiac rehabilitation, fitness, health club management, sports management, sports information, and sports medicine. Within the major curriculum, students are permitted to select from a wide variety of offerings and to complete specialized groupings of courses which prepare them for specific careers.

Personal Training

Students from the Practical Experience course (KIN 463) are provided with opportunities to train clients on a one-on-one basis. For more information, please contact Cathy McMillan at 309/298-1758,

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