Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood
Cyrille Aimee
Jake Johannsen
360 Allstars
Bryan Batt
Millar Brass
Lynn Trefzger
Parents Night Out
Wonder Bread Years
Mike Super

What is the BCA?

The BCA brings the best in arts & entertainment to WIU and the surrounding communities. If you have ideas for who we can bring, please feel free to come to a general assembly meeting or post your idea to our Facebook wall.

Otherwise, take a look at our Current and Upcoming Season. If you are interested in getting show tickets, you can GET TICKETS HERE!

If you are a WIU student, faculty, staff, or surrounding community member and are interested in gaining professional experience, look no further. In the BCA you will have many opportunities to get involved in funded marketing campaigns, legitimate production management, show selection, and so much more.

Please email us at BCA@wiu.edu if you have any questions.

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