Facilities Management

Facilities Management Directory

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Facilities Management Organizational Chart

Facilities Management Published Numbers

  • Facilities Management: 309-298-1834
    • For all work orders dial extension 248 for work order control. 
  • Central Receiving: 309-298-2852
  • Heating Plant: 309-298-2809

Facilities Management Administration

Assistant VP for Facilities Management
Troy Rhoads (ext. 240)

Office Support Specialist
Pam Clark (ext. 240)

Business Operations
Jonathan Myers (ext. 225)

Office Manager
Sheila Paul (ext. 221)

Facilities Planning & Construction

Deputy Director of Facilities Planning & Construction
Ted Renner (ext. 261)

Project Coordinators
Shana Brown
Michael Dailey
Connor O'Banion (ext. 247)
Derek Willey (ext. 250)

Safety Environmental Compliance
Hanna Webster (ext. 286)

Facilities Maintenance & Operations

Deputy Director of Maintenance and Operations
Kirk Hare (ext. 235)

Superintendent of Building and Mechanical Maintenance
Andrew Daniels (ext. 243)

Supervisor of Building Craftsmen
Brad Payne (ext. 285)

Deputy Director of Heating Plant & Utilities
Paul Perchalski (298-2809)

Stores / Central Receiving

Central Stores Manager
Nancy Sprout (ext. 233)

Store Keeper
Linda Windsor (ext. 252)

Route Driver
Dan Spangler (ext. 251)

Building Services

Superintendent of Building Services
Neal Thurman (ext. 236)

Assistant Superintendent of Building Services
Vickie Tait (ext. 272)

Building Service Supervisor
Tammy Klinedinst (ext. 253)

Landscape Maintenance

Superintendent of Landscape Maintenance
Justin Griffith (ext. 258)

Work Center Control

Routing Dispatcher III
Cynthia McClintock (ext. 248)

Office Support Associate