Graduate Studies

Frequently Asked Questions - Degree Plan and Graduation


My degree plan has been approved by the School of Graduate Studies. Now what?

Your approved degree plan is now housed in the School of Graduate Studies office. Any changes you make in pursuit of your degree must also be made to your plan by petition . (A Flow Chart can also be found in the Graduate Catalog and on our website.

I have received a WARD report but do not understand it.

Please review the audit instructions . If you still do not understand the report, please contact the School of Graduate Studies.

I made a change in the courses I want to take. My advisor knows about it. Do I need to do anything else?

You still need to make the change to your approved degree plan. You must complete a petition and send it to your degree department for signature. The form is then sent to the School of Graduate Studies where the change is made on your plan.

I have decided to switch from thesis to non-thesis. My advisor is aware of the change. Do I need to do anything else?

You still must petition to have this change made to your approved degree plan. You must also be specific as to which courses should be removed and/or added to your plan.

I am almost finished with my degree. Is there any paperwork I need to do?

Complete an Application for Graduation and an Alumni Register form. Send these forms to the School of Graduate Studies by March 10 (spring semester), June 10 (summer term), or October 10 (fall semester).

When do I need to apply for graduation?

Before March 10 (spring semester), June 10 (summer term), or October 10 (fall semester)

When is the last day to finish all requirements for the degree?

The last day of the final semester.

I was told I have outdated coursework. How can this be?

You have six years to finish your master’s degree before coursework becomes outdated. As an example, courses taken FALL 2001 are outdated after the SUMMER 2007 semester. If you have outdated courses, you must contact the department offering the course to begin the revalidation process.

What about transfer work? I have a course that falls outside the six-year window.

You must contact the instructor where the course was taken and begin the process of revalidation.

I finished my degree but it was not conferred. What happened?

Your degree may not have been conferred because of one or more of the following:

    1. You have incomplete coursework from or after Fall 2006. A degree cannot be earned until the incomplete is changed to a letter grade or removed.
    2. Your GPA fell below 3.0. You will need to take graduate-level courses at WIU until you meet this requirement.
    3. You exceeded the C limit and have been removed from the program.
    4. You have not completed your internship which is part of your degree requirements.
    5. An official transcript was not received by the semester deadline for transfer work to be accepted.
    6. Your thesis was not submitted by the Friday before finals week.

I applied for graduation two semesters ago but received a letter that I have to apply again. Why do I have to do another Application for Graduation?

Students move around quite a bit and we want to make sure we have your current information.