Graduate Studies

Financial Documentation 

Financial documents for Fall 2023 can be submitted STARTING February 1, 2023 and the deadline is June 1, 2023. Please check the required amounts on the Estimated Costs page.  

Please read through all of the information carefully. Thank you for trusting WIU with your higher education.  As part of the process we require you to submit a financial statement that is an authentic representation of your finances.  In order to strengthen your application with the embassies and consulates abroad, we have instituted several safeguards. 

Please send all financial documents to

You will need to submit at least three documents.

Required Documentation: Affidavit of Support, Financial Agreement, Bank Letter, Sponsor's Passport (if applicable)

1. Affidavit of Support

  • The amount listed on this form will be listed on the I-20
  • This form is required even if you are self-sponsoring.  If you have a sponsor, you must also send a copy of the sponsor's passport or driver's license. 

2. Financial Agreement

  • Sign your name and return

3. Bank Letter in English must all meet these conditions.  All bank statements are subject to verification.

Please follow this format and submit this letter to your bank so that they may produce a correctly formatted document.  The format does not have to be exact, but must include all of the information below.

  • Include current balance of the account. 
  • Be on bank letterhead.
  • Be a unique letter signed with an original hand signature (computer generated signatures and stamps are not accepted).
  • Bank officer must type his/her full name and then sign their name (signatures without typed names are not accepted).
  • Bank officer must provide their phone number and their official email contact under the signature for verification (this is different from the information in the letterhead).
  • Have dates not more than 90 days old at the point of submission.

If submitting a company bank letter, the letter must state your sponsor is a signatory on the account.

If your bank will not provide the required information, ask them to send the requested information directly from an official bank email to  Your ID number and full name must be included in the email.

Please send all financial documents to Documents sent to any other email address will not be processed.

Important Information to Review