Higher Education Act

Western Illinois University Timely Warning Standard Operating Procedures

According to the U.S. Department of Education, timely warnings are required in the case of an immediate threat to the health and safety of students or employees occurring on campus or within the vicinity of the Western Illinois University campus.

Western Illinois University does issue timely warnings to notify the campus community of safety issues and concerns. The timely warnings are posted by University Relations on the University's homepage (wiu.edu) and the University's Facebook page, and are disseminated to the local/regional media via e-mail. The timely warnings may also be sent by the emergency management coordinator (or her designee) via the WIU Emergency Alert System (WEAS) and may be posted on the WIU Twitter feed by University Relations.

University Relations and the Office of Public Safety develop timely warning notices for the University community to notify about serious crimes against people that occur on campus, or off campus but within the vicinity of the WIU campus, where it is determined that the incident may pose an ongoing threat.

Such incidents may include arson, homicide, and robbery.

Such cases as aggravated assault and sex offenses will be considered on a case-by-case basis, depending on the information/facts known. For instance, if an assault occurs between two students who may have a disagreement, there may be no ongoing threat to the University community. However, if a student is "jumped" and beaten as he/she is walking to his/her residence hall, this would warrant a timely warning.

In addition to crimes against people, timely warnings (and emergency alerts using WEAS) are issued for any emergency situation that may cause a threat to the health and safety of the WIU campus community (e.g., active shooter, hostage situation, riot, suspicious package, fire/explosion, weather-related emergencies, threats, environmental hazards, suspicious person/activity, etc.).

When the Office of Public Safety is notified of an incident, an OPS representative contacts the director of University Relations to begin the process of posting and disseminating a timely warning.

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