Station Affiliation

         The Alice L. Kibbe Life Science Station is funded as a separate budget through the Department of Biological Sciences at Western Illinois University. The Station Director, Sean Jenkins, and Station Manager, Jim Lamer are responsible for the coordination of activities and facilities at Kibbe. The Director holds an appointment with the Department and answers directly to the Department Chair. The Kibbe Station Committee, comprised of the Director (who acts as chair of committee) and five faculty members, is responsible for major decisions about the operation and use of the Station. The Station Manager, Jim Lamer, oversees maintenance, grounds keeping, site security at the Station and assists with coordination of activities and facilities at the Station. The University's physical plant provides additional support by means of building maintenance at the station.

       The Station is a member of the Organization of Biological Field Station (OBFS). OBFS is an organization comprised of field stations and professionals from predominantly North America and Central America. Through annual meetings, a newsletter, occasional reports, and a field course opportunities display, OBFS provides a forum for discussion of field station management issues, the support of field education opportunities and the promotion of issues of concern to field stations.