Research and Education

        The diversity of biotic communities at the Station provides a natural laboratory for faculty, graduate and undergraduate researchers to address a number of ecological questions. Research use of the station is encouraged within the management plan of the facility and should follow Illinois Nature Preserve guidelines.

        Recent research projects include: native bee diversity in restored prairies, turtle community dynamics, red-ear slider turtle genetics, fish and mussel species community/population structure, introduced species biology, Asian carp hybridization, characterization of benthic invertebrate communities, and the long-term influence of prescribed burning, other disturbances, and landscape position on woodland and prairie plant community dynamics.

        University classes are offered in the summer during two four-week sessions starting in mid-May. Class offerings vary year to year. Classes are designed to provide field work and classroom study in botany, zoology, and ecology for undergraduates, graduate students, senior high school teachers, conservationists and outdoor educators.

        Classes are structured to provide both lecture material and hands-on experience utilizing field station equipment and the wide variety of natural habitats at the site. Students can stay at the field station in our multi-use/dormitory facility or commute daily. Registration for summer classes and living quarters begins in February. Due to limited space, registration is on a first come, first served basis. For information about the Station please contact Station Manager Jim Lamer or Station Director Sean Jenkins and to register for classes contact the Department of Biological Sciences Secretary at 309-298-1546.