Icarian Newspapers

The Center for Icarian Studies holds original issues of two Icarian newspapers, Colonie Icarienne, and Nouvelle Revue Icarienne.

Colonie Icarienne

Colonie Icarienne was published in Nauvoo, IL under the direction of M.C. Cabet. The Center holds issues #1-22, 1854.

Image of the Colonie Icarienne newspaper

Nouvelle Revue Icarienne

Nouvelle Revue Icarienne was published in St. Louis, MO and the Center has issues #1-68 (missing 22, 32, 55-66), dated 1857-1859.

Image of the Revue Icarienne newspaper

A poem published in Revue Icarienne

Image of a poem in Revue Icarienne newspaper