Compiled & Revised Statutes

Every so often, the laws passed by the Illinois Territorial and State legislatures were collected and published at various times through Illinois history. These collections have been published as volumes of compiled or revised statutes. Compiled statutes are a collection of the existing State laws that have been arranged to make them easier to consult and use. Revised statutes are collections of laws that have been collected, arranged, updated and then approved or re-enacted by the General Assembly. The following volumes of compiled and revised statutes are available online for the State of Illinois.

The Revised Code of Laws of Illinois, Enacted by the Fifth General Assembly, at their session held at Vandalia, commencing on the Fourth day of December, 1826, and ending the Nineteenth of February, 1827. Vandalia: Robert Blackwell, 1827

The Revised Code of Laws of Illinois, Enacted by the Sixth General Assembly, at their session held at Vandalia, commencing on the First Monday of December, 1828; and Those Enacted Previous thereto , and ordered by the said General Assembly to be Re-Published. Shawneetown, Ill.: Alexander P. Grant & Co., 1829. Another Copy digitized by Southern Illinois University.

The Revised Laws of Illinois, containing all Laws of a General and Public Nature passed by the Eighth General Assembly, at their session held at Vandalia, commencing on the Third day of December, 1832, and ending the Second day of March, 1833, together with all Laws required to be re-published by the said General Assembly. Vandalia: Greiner & Sherman, 1833. 8th General Assembly, 1833

The public and general statute laws of the state of Illinois, containing all the laws published in the "Revised statutes" of 1833, except such as are repealed, --together with all the acts of a general and public nature, passed by the Ninth General assembly, at their first session, commencing December 1, 1834, and ending February 13, 1835; and at their second session, commencing December 7, 1835, and ending January 18, 1836; and those passed by the Tenth General assembly, at their session commencing December 5, 1836, and ending March 6, 1837; and at their special session, commencing July 10, and ending July 22, 1837; which are not repealed: and also the Militia law, compiled and arranged alphabetically, with occasional references. Chicago: Stephen F. Gale, 1839. From the Hathi Trust Digital Library.

Revised statutes of the state of Illinois, adopted by the General Assembly of said State, at its Regular Session, held in the years, A.D., 1844-5, Together with an Appendix, Containing Acts Passed at the Same and Previous Sessions, not incorporated in the Revised Statutes, but which remain in force. Springfield: Willaim Walters, Printer, 1845.

Purple, N. H. A Compilation of the Statutes of the State of Illinois: of a General Nature, In Force January 1, 1856. Chicago: Keen & Lee, 1856. From the Hathi Trust Digital Library.

Treat, Samuel H., Scates, Walter B. and Blackwell, Robert S. The Statutes of Illinois: Embracing All of the General Laws of the State, in force December 1, 1857. Chicago: D.B. Cooke & Co. 1858. From Google Books.

Gross, Eugene L. A Digest of the Criminal Laws of Illinois from the Adoption of the Constitution to the End of the Twenty-Fifth General Assembly, 1818-1868, Illustrated by References to the Opinions of the Supreme Court, comprised in the First Thirty-Eight volumes of Illinois Reports. Springfield: Illinois Journal, 1868.

Gross, Eugene L. (Ed.) The Statutes of Illinois: An Analytical Digest of all the General Laws of the State in Force at the Present Time: 1818 to 1868. Chicago: E.B. Myers, 1868.

The most recent Illinois Compiled Statutes, the official compilation of current Illinois laws organized by subject, are also available online.