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WIU Libraries is a Patent and Trademark Resource Center, which is a library designated by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to make patent and trademark materials freely available to the public and to actively disseminate patent and trademark information. The Government, Legal, Spatial, and Data Services unit, located on the 4th floor of Malpass Library, fulfills this obligation through developing expertise in patent and trademark searching and making these materials available electronically through the World Wide Web and through PubEAST and PubWEST, password protected electronic databases available only at the Government, Legal, Spatial and Data Services Office, 415 Malpass Library.

At the Patent & Trademark Resource Center, you can:

  • Learn about intellectual property
  • Learn about patents and how to search patents
  • Learn about trademarks and how to search trademarks
  • Learn about resources available for inventors and entrepreneurs
  • Use the same databases patent examiners use to search patents
  • View plant patents on-site

More information on these specialized patent databases from the USPTO website:

PubEAST - The "public" version of the Examiner's Automated Search Tool provides seamless access to multiple text data sources including the Pre-Grant Publications (US-PGPUB), U.S. Patents (USPAT), U.S. Optical Character Recognition (USOCR), European Patent Office (EPO) Abstracts, Japanese Patent Office (JPO) Abstracts, and Foreign Patent Retrieval system (FPRS) databases, as well as image data sources for full and clipped images. PubEAST provides a form-based search capability for novice users, and enables expert users to submit searches in Bibliographic Retrieval System (BRS) syntax and IS&R syntax. (Access via a PTRC workstation)
PubWEST - The "public" version of the Web-based Examiner's Search Tool offers a server-based application tool for searching patent full-text and abstract databases. It also uses the search language entitled Bibliographic Retrieval Services (BRS). WEST provides identical text and image data sources as PubEAST having the following user and system functions: general patent database searches; searches bound to specific document sections; limited general and bound searches; display of search results based on a range of specified formats; display of page images of patents; user-managed collections of documents; user-managed cases containing searches; local and TCP/IP printing for patent image documents; links to online patent classification guides. (Access via a PTRC workstation)

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